Our daily attendance is usually between 20 and 25 swimmers, the majority being the intermediate and competitive swimmers. At least 2 coaches are usually on deck at each session along with our lifeguard. The sessions last 1 hour during which the coaches can give instructions from the deck or enter the water to give demonstrations or to assist swimmers with a skill. The lifeguard however always remains on the pool deck surveying the pool.

Our swimmers vary in age from about 18 years and up and are of differing abilities inclusive of World Masters Record Holders and former Olympians and Olympic medalists.

Among our swimmers are university students with competitive swimming backgrounds; young professionals and expatriates looking for sport and exercise as a way to get away from the rigors of adult life; and those 45 years and up who have fitness and health as a new priority in life, are able to find like-minded people within our group.

Our 3 general groups of swimming ability are as follows.

An entry-level developing group where the focus is placed on ensuring that athletes are receiving information, developing fundamental skills of treading water and basic strategies for surviving in deep water.

A training group designed for swimmers who are able to swim more than 50 meters without stopping and are now ready for developing strong fundamental skills in all 4 competitive strokes.

A highly competitive training group designed to prepare swimmers for masters swimming meets, open water events and triathlons.


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